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Monalisa Touch Has Changed my Life!

July 19, 2017
Monalisa Touch Has Changed my Life! "Monalisa Touch has changed my life."   "This is a real game-changer."  "My husband and I enjoy each other again for the first time in decades."  "I feel like a whole woman again."  I hear these and similar comments week after week as women return for their follow-up laser treatments. This vaginal laser therapy restores the elasticity and lubrication that is lost after menopause or aging.  The tissue is thicker, soft, and not painful to the touch.  Micro-tears  no longer cause bleeding and pain with simple hygiene not to mention from sexual contact.  But that is not all.  Many women report that mild urinary incontinence and prolapse pressure is improved.  Most patients report that they experience no leaking after their first treatment.  Others state that urinary frequency and leakage are significantly reduced.  And husbands have called our office thanking us for the change in their partner-  they tell us that their wives are happier, spunkier, and that sex is pleasurable for both them and their partner for the first time in years.  Surprisingly most men want to know that we are attracted the them but more importantly that we enjoy their touch, find them stimulating and even initiate intimacy.  Men feel responsible for the pain and misery that their partner experiences and often think it is their fault.  If you hve vaginal dryness, pain, itching, burning, urinary leakage and recurrent infections you likely have atrophic changes and would benefit from this new technology.  Call today for a consultation 251-424-1106.
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