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Is It Time For Your Medicare Wellness Exam?

November 27, 2018
Is It Time For Your Medicare Wellness Exam?

My name is Debra Russell and I provide primary care at this office. I would love to provide your care including acute illness such as sinusitis, flu, Urinary infections along with each of your chronic problems including medications and labs. 

 annual wellness exam is designed to keep you as healthy as possible for the future. We will look at your advance directives, falls, medication side effects, preventative test such as colonoscopy, mammogram, eye exams. Also reviewing to be sure all vaccinations are up to date. I

In most cases, this exam is free to you. Some insurance companies will even reward you for completing the exam. 

It is non invasive. I look forward to seeing you. If you are friends with someone looking for a primary provider please have them come see us.  For an appointment call 251-424-1105.  Please be sure to specify that your visit is a Medicare Wellness Exam to ensure that your are not billed for the office visit.  This Medicare Wellness Exam is not a GYN exam or yearly checkup.  Those are billed separately per rules from Medicare.

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